A Place Where All Superkids Gather!

Welcome to Kiddie Care Therapy Centre, a pediatric rehabilitation centre based in Jitra Kedah. We are here to help our Superkids!

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Special needs children or we call them Superkids, require a lifelong and consistent therapy to enhance their development and skills such as sensory, motor, cognitive and other skills. This also helps children to develop their self-help skills especially in daily life activities. We are also aspired to empower special needs children to learn vocational skills and becomes a functional community member.

What We Offer

We provide few programs for children, parents and community to help our Superkids blooms beautifully.

Occupational Therapy (Individual Session)

A one-on-one therapy session for children who has developmental concerns, personalized for your Superkids.
Age 2-12 years old.

Early Intervention Program (EIP)

An intensive program designed to help children who have signs or symptoms of developmental disorders, sensory processing disorders or behavioral problems.
Age 2-12 years old.

School Readiness Program (SRP)

A program that combines basic educational and therapeutic support services to children who have learning disabilities such as difficulties in reading, writing or doing mathematical calculations.
Age 6-12 years old.

Vocational Transition Program (VTP)

A transition program for special teens (Superteens) to learn independent living skills, including vocational skills such as cooking, gardening, sewing and many more.
Age 11-19 years old.

Parent Coaching

A personalized session for parents or caregivers to guide them on how to handle their special children at home.


Speech Therapy - not open yet

Provide intensive speech therapy for children who have communication problem or speech disorders.

Play Centre (under Kiddie Wonders Play Centre) – opening soon in January 2023!

A safe and stimulating place for your children to play, explore and make friends.
Age 3-12 years old.

Our Core Values

We are highly emphasized on cultivate children’s beautiful heart, overall development, shaping their personality, fun & enjoyment of learning.


Genuine sincerity opens people’s heart, which you do things that’s what shapes your life.


Embracing our children’s uniqueness that make them so special.


helps spark excitement, but patience helps create meaningful change in others life.


Engaging parents, family, caregivers and community in our fight to create a supportive and safe environment for special needs children.


Respect for ourselves guides our morals. Respect for others guides our manners.

Parent Testimonials

We let the parents speak for us. 

Get Your Super Kids Screened First

Book your screening slot today to identify whether your child is at risk of developmental delay or any problems.



M27 & M28, Pusat Perniagaan Melur,
Jalan Melur 1, Taman Melur,
06000 Jitra, Kedah

Tel: 018-3734357